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Bachelor of Science

Direct to College is a new admission process that assures incoming freshman students who are admitted into the College of Engineering that they can pursue an engineering degree at the UW. The changes take effect for the incoming freshman class of 2018.

We are in the process of updating our website to reflect the changes. For details, see:

The UW Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) program accepts applications from current UW students as well as freshman and transfer applicants. UW EE enrolls new students twice per year, in autumn and spring quarters.

Admission into UW EE is very competitive and we may not be able to offer admission to all applicants who meet the minimum prerequisites.


Our deadlines are static and remain the same from year to year. Please submit all application materials by the deadlines below. Applications and transcripts received after the deadline will not be reviewed. We strongly recommend that you check your application status in the online system to verify that your application materials were received prior to the deadline.

Spring admission: February 1

Autumn admission: July 1

Students are notified via email of their admission status approximately one month following the application deadline. If you have questions about the deadlines, contact the UW EE Advising Office at or 206-221-5170.

Freshman Admission

Freshman admission is highly competitive. Applicants are evaluated and admitted to the University and UW EE according to established criteria.

How to Apply

Students applying to the UW for freshman admission simply indicate on their UW application that they wish to apply to the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Current UW and Transfer Student Admission

Current UW students and transfer applicants may apply for admission to UW EE after completing the following required courses:

  • MATH 124, 125 and 126
  • PHYS 121 and 122
  • CHEM 142
  • 5 credits of English composition

Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 prerequisite GPA and a minimum 2.5 overall cumulative GPA.

Current UW Student Admission Process

Current UW students who meet UW EE admissions requirements may apply to UW EE using the College of Engineering application form.

Transfer Admission Process

Transfer applicants have a three-step application process:

  1. Apply to UW: Indicate your interest in Electrical Engineering on your UW application. Submit the application to the UW Admissions Office early enough to meet both University and UW EE deadlines.
  2. Apply to EE: Applicants who meet UW EE admissions requirements may apply to UW EE using the College of Engineering application form.
  3. Submit Transcripts: Upload transcripts from all schools attended as a PDF in the upload tool. Transcripts must include the most recent quarter or semester grades.

Selection Criteria

The Admissions Committee will evaluate qualifications based on submitted written materials. Due to the large number of applicants, we cannot include personal interviews as part of the selection process. Applicants are encouraged to attend a UW EE Prospective Information Session and meet with College of Engineering Advising staff before applying.