Devices and MEMS

Group A (Analog Circuits) Syllabus

Circuit Simulation

  • MOSFET simulation models
  • bipolar simulation models
  • 2-port simulation models

Circuit Analysis

  • Sensitivity
  • Stability
  • Filters
  • Switching circuits

Circuit Design

  • CMOS analog circuits
  • bipolar analog circuits
  • data conversion (ADCs, DACs)
  • active filters


  • Low power CMOS
  • High frequency RF

Group B (Devices and MEMS) Syllabus

FET and Bipolar Technology

  • basic physics
  • second order effects
  • modern realizations (fab technologies)
  • silicon devices only

Process Integration

  • common / modern fabrication process flows

VLSI and MEMS Microfabrication Techniques mainstream processing:

  • lithography
  • basic thin film processing
  • implantation, diffusion, oxidation, etching

Principles of Micro Transducers

  • electrostatic transducers
  • thermal transducers
  • magnetic transducers

Device Modeling

  • physical models
  • computationally compact modeling