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How do I create a class email list in the EE department?

First, you will have to request the course instructor to send you an excel spreadsheet containing (among other things) email addresses of registered students in the class. Then send an email to help@ee with the email addresses of the students and request for yourself administrative access to the list. Once you receive the administrative access password then you can later modify the email list (additions/deletions) after the 10th day of the course (you can get the the 10th day class list spreadsheet from the class instructor). For more information on EE department email lists click here


Where in the department can I make photocopies of material for the class I am TAing?

There are at least three photocopy machines located in the EE building (currently on floors 2M, 3M and 4). To access the machines you will need to enter: pin- the last four digits of your social security number and code - the class you are TAing (ex: 332 for EE332 TA).


As a TA will I get printing quota for printing material related to teaching?

Yes, there is a quota of 500 pages for each course. But for this you will have to email help@ee with a CC to your professor for obtaining the user account information for your class (ex: for EE332 the account would be ee332 with an associated password). You can log into any departmental computer (but not research lab computers) using this account to print. If you have co-TA's then the printing quota has to be shared accordingly.


Can I get copies of the text book/solution manual/lab kit for the course I am TAing?

Yes, subject to availability, as a TA you can borrow the course text book, solutions manual, and other course related material (including whiteboard pens, chalk etc) from the front desk of the department and course laboratory kits from EE stores. However, please make sure to return the material borrowed, at the end-of-the-quarter!


Where and how do I scan class material?

There is one scanner (HP brand) located in the TA office and more in the 3rd floor computing labs. The computer connected to the scanner will have required software to generate low-sized PDF files which can be posted on the class websites and efficiently! accessed. The low-sized PDF files can be generated by using the Adobe Acrobat software installed on the computer (connected to the scanner): Go to 'Files' and use 'Send to' and then 'Scan' which will open the HP scan software and make the PDF file (page by page).


Why are RA salaries so much higher than TA salaries?

TA salaries are set campus-wide by the UW Board of Regents, based on the amount appropriated by the Washington State Legislature.  The Electrical Engineering department has no control over it. RA salaries, on the other hand, are paid by research grant funds that are more under the department's control, and the salary levels are set on a departmental basis.  The EE Department has chosen to set RA salaries as high as practical in an effort to offset the rather low salaries paid to TAs.  We would very much like to bring TA salaries up to the same level as RA salaries, but unfortunately we do not yet have the resources to do so yet.  


How do I setup a class webpage?

To setup a webpage you will have to first get web space from EE Computing. Just send an e-mail to the Webmaster that contains the following information:

The Webmaster will create the directory in and put in a placeholder page, then link it from the class home pages list. You'll then be given full control over that directory. To access this directory you can use SSH client to first log into '', followed by accessing the /www/class/<your course number>/. When you have your main page ready (has to be named 'index.html') just overwrite the placeholder page. For more help with web pages including controlling access to web pages please go to the Computing-FAQ or contact help@ee.


How do I setup an online class discussion board?

The Center for Teaching Learning and Technology (CTLT) in UW, offers a set of web-based tools called Catalyst Toolkit. This toolkit includes an online-discussion board called EPost that you can use for your class.


How do I setup anonymous feedback form on the class web page?

The Center for Teaching Learning and Technology (CTLT) in UW, offers a set of web-based tools called Catalyst Toolkit. This toolkit includes a tool called UMail that allow you to create an anonymous email feedback form that you can use on your class web page.




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