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Academic Calendar

The UW Academic Calendar outlines specific quarterly information related to dates of instruction, registration, and University holidays.

EE Computing Accounts

An EE computing account is required for things like gaining access to the recorded videos associated with the EE 500 Seminar.  New PMP students may set up their EE computing account online via

Your EE username and password stay the same each quarter.  It is important that you do not forget your password. If you forget your password, or can't log in for any reason, come talk to one of the departmental computing staff. Bring your Student ID card with you. Once they verify your identity, they can reset your password. They cannot do this via email for security purposes, and it is not possible for them to access your current password, so you'll have to request a new one in person.

Financial Aid Resources

The PMP is formally approved for financial aid eligibility, although each student's individual situation will determine the extent of aid that may be awarded. General financial aid questions should be directed to the UW Office of Student Financial Aid.

The UW Graduate School also houses a Fellowships and Awards Office that provides additional information and resources via their website. In addition, the Graduate School maintains a webpage with resources for Outside Funding.

The UW Career Center maintains a HuskyJobs website, a free resource for UW students to search and find part- and full-time jobs.

The Graduate Opportunities and Minority Achievement Program (GO-MAP) administers programs providing funding for students whose individual experiences and/or academic interests will bring diversity to scholarly perspectives and endeavors, and to the academic community.

The Grants and Funding Information Service (GFIS), within UW Libraries, offers workshops and individual consultations to help students explore resources for potential funding. GFIS does not provide search services or money directly to students, but they do provide guidance to help students know which resources (print, database, or web-based) might give them the best opportunities and help students gain a better understanding of how to use these resources.

Immunization Requirements

Recently admitted matriculated students must meet the University's measles immunization requirements.

New PMP Student Orientation (PowerPoint)

New students who missed or who would like to reference the Orientation PowerPoint can click here.

Parking at UW

If you intend to park on campus you will need to carefully follow the guidelines on the Parking Services website.

Print-Credits for EE Computing Labs

There is a charge associated whenever you want to print pages at the EE Computing Labs. To purchase credit for printing go to the EE Stores.

Student ID Cards - "Husky Cards"

Obtain your UW ID card at the Husky Card Account & ID Center.  Your card will be coded electronically each quarter (after you have registered) by the EE Facilities Manager to give you swipe-card access into the EE Building after hours.


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