Academic Year 1999 - 2000

This document contains the latest teaching assignments and supersedes all other hard-copy documents. In case of changes, this document will be updated first, and should be used as the primary source for teaching assignments.

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Teaching assignments

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Course numberSectionAWSp
EE 215APeckolAggouneAlexandro
EE 215BAggoune
EE 233ASomaSunYee S.
EE 235ALiu H.Marks
EE 331AShiAllstotDarling
EE 332AHelmsHP YeeTsang
EE 341AAtlasHaralick
EE 351AEl-SharkawiMamishevDamborg
EE 361ASahrSigelmann
EE 371APeckolPeckolHauck
EE 400BShapiro
EE 400CWilson
EE 400KKim
EE 400LChizeck
EE 411AAndersen
EE 416ARitcey
EE 417ALiu H.
EE 420ARoy
EE 433ADarlingHelms
EE 440ASun
EE 442AHwang
EE 443AHwang
EE 445APinter
EE 446AAlexandro
EE 448AVagners
EE 449AMeldrum
EE 452AYee H.P.
EE 453AEl-Sharkawi
EE 454ALiu
EE 455ADamborg
EE 456AChristie
EE 457AMamishev
EE 462AAlbrecht
EE 463AAlbrecht
EE 465AYee S.
EE 467ASahr
EE 471AZickZick
EE 472APeckolPeckol
EE 476ASechen
EE 477ASechen
EE 478APeckolPeckol
EE 482AYee S.
EE 486AStoebe (MSE)
EE 498AHannaford
EE 505ARoy
EE 506ARitcey
EE 508ARoy
EE 510ADamborg
EE 513AAndersen
EE 518AHwang
EE 519AAtlas
EE 523AMarks
EE 527ABohringer
EE 534AYee H.P.
EE 535ASechen
EE 536AHelms
EE 538AAllstot
EE 538BAllstot
EE 539ABohringer
EE 539BDunham
EE 540ASoma
EE 541AHauck
EE 543AHannaford
ee 544AHannaford
EE 545AAlbrecht
EE 548ACampbell
EE 550ALy
EE 553AChristie
EE 554ALiu
EE 565ABedekar
EE 568AKim
EE 571ASahr
EE 572AIshimaru
EE 573ATsang
EE 574ATsang
EE 575AIshimaru
EE 576AHaralick
EE 581ABerg
EE 582ABerg
EE 584AAlexandro
EE 586ASun
EE 590AKimZick
EE 591AVagnersBergRicker
EE 595ABilmes
EE 596AOstendorf