Master Course Description

No: EE 499


Credits: Variable 2-5

UW Course Catalog Description

Coordinator: James A. Ritcey, Professor of Electrical Engineering

Goals: This course title and number is used for first time or limited time course offerings aimed at the 400 level. The course can be used to achieve various goals; for example, a first time offering of a lecture course or an independent study under the supervision of a faculty member. In the case of the fomer, approval must be given by the sponsoring curriculum group and the course is assigned/scheduled by the Associate Chair. For an independent study, student must submit a plan of study, signed by the faculty supervising the course. The plan and any report submit for grade must be submitted to the advising office.

Learning Objectives: The objectives must be clearly stated at the time the class is offered.

Textbook: Dependent on specific offering

Reference Texts: As needed

Prerequisites by Topic: As needed

Topics: Dependent on the specific offering

Course Structure: The class meetings are specified at the time of offering.

Computer Resources: Dependent on specified offering.

Laboratory Resources: Dependent on the specific offering

Grading: Dependent on the specific offering

Outcome Coverage:

(h) Broad Education to see the impact of engineering solutions. The purpose of Special Projects is to allow the department to introduce timely courses of interest, which may or may not become permanent courses. This is especially true for courses of a new or experimental nature. The alternative use is to allow an in-depth independent design project or study to proceed. In either case, this outcome will be covered.

Prepared By: James A. Ritcey

Last revised: 5/05/00