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Fall 2015

Class Course Title Instructor
EE 215   Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Denise Wilson
EE 271   Digital Circuits and Systems
EE 351   Energy Systems Baosen Zhang
EE 371   Digital Circuits and Systems Jim Peckol
EE 398   Professional Issues Payman Arabshahi
EE 416   Random Signals for Communications and Signal Processing Jim Ritcey
EE 418   Network Security and Cryptography
EE 433   Analog Circuit Design Bruce Darling
EE 440   Introduction to Digital Imaging Systems Ming-Ting Sun
EE 447   Control System Analysis I Linda Bushnell
EE 452   Power Electronics Design Rich Christie
EE 454   Power System Analysis Miguel Ortega-Vazquez
EE 471   Computer Design and Organization Scott Hauck
EE 472   Microcomputer Systems
EE 473   Linear Integrated Circuits Chris Rudell
EE 478   Design of Computer Subsystems Jim Peckol
EE 482   Semiconductor Devices Anant Anantram
EE 491   Research Colloquium Matt Reynolds
EE 500C   Research Colloquium Matt Reynolds
EE 500E   Energy and Environment Seminar Rich Christie
EE 501   Radar Remote Sensing John Sahr
EE 502   Introduction to MEMS Karl Böhringer
EE 505   Probability and Random Processes Sumit Roy
EE 505 (PMP)   Probability and Random Processes Mari Ostendorf
EE 518   Digital Signal Processing Les Atlas
EE 539A   Semiconductor Devices Anant Anantram
EE 539B   Nanotechnology Modeling Scott Dunham
EE 539C   Nanophotonics Arka Majumdar
EE 541   Automatic Layout of Integrated Circuits Scott Hauck
EE 547   Linear Systems Theory
EE 553   Power System Economics Daniel Kirschen
EE 567 (PMP)   Mobile Radio Networks Payman Arabshahi
EE 578 (PMP)   Optimization in System Sciences Maryam Fazel
EE 585   System Identification and Adaptive Control Howard Chizeck
EE 596 (PMP)   Machine Vision Linda Shapiro
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