University of Washington

Department of Electrical Engineering

EEIC Student Poster Contest, April 4, 2013

Poster Contest winners

Graduate Poster

1st Place: Mushfiqur Sarker
2nd place: Karen Studarus
3rd place :
 Yury Dvorkin, Omar Konash, and Mohammed Abahussain

Undergraduate Poster

1st Place:  Justin Fells, Viet Tran, Dylan Armstrong, and Erin Clement
2nd place:
Tianshu Bao and Shawn Stern

Class Poster

1st place: Mindy Liou, Iryna Chyzhova, Aklilu Wedere, and Brett Ronneberg
2nd place:
Aldin Hajiric, Anh-Thu VoBa, Melissa Martinsen, and Sam DeLaughter
3rd place:
Jae Y Jang, Andy Wang, Kenneth Crewdson, and Sungyoon Kim