Course title: Quantum Mechanics for Engineers (EE 521)


“Think quantum”




M. P. Anantram (Anant)

Phone: 206-221-5162


The focus of this course is to introduce students to quantum mechanics using 1D, 2D and 3D nanomaterials. The students will develop a working knowledge of quantization in quantum dots/wells/wires, band structure, density of states and Fermi’s golden rule (optical absorption, electron- impurity/phonon scattering). Applications will focus on nanodevices and nanomaterials.



1) Schrodinger’s eqn

2)  Closed and Open systems (examples of importance to nano devices and materials)

 3)    Crystalline solid

4) Energy levels and wave function in a crystalline solid

5)     Density of states of open and closed systems

6)     Spins

7)     Perturbation theory


Learning Objectives