The Seattle Haucks

Quinn Cameron Hauck, born August 31st, 2001. Here he is at ~6 weeks.

Here's a shot of Lindsey for comparison (nope, actually that's Quinn. But look at Lindsey's shots at 6 weeks and see how much they look alike).

Notice that a new Mom is ALWAY happy (when her child is sleeping...)

Okay, put the truckload of toys over there. Score!

Now remember when packing that you can never have too many socks!

Capt. Lindsey

Yes, they're mine, ALL MINE! Amy will NOT get her crayons back!

Okay, how exactly do you come up with a funny caption for a Totem pole of pumpkins.

Lindsey was a Bee for Halloween, while Poppa dressed up as a baby - amazing likeness, isn't it?

Okay, maybe my Poppa just went as a Geeky Professor instead, but at least his work had candy, apples, and plastic frogs!

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