Department Calendar

May 29
General Exam (PhD) - Yi (Eve) Zhao
9:30am | CSE 303

June 2
General Exam (PhD) - Isaac P. Abraham
10:00am | EEB 303
Research Colloquium
10:30am | EEB 105
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Meng-Che Chuang
12:30pm | EEB 303
General Exam (PhD) - Yaoyu Yang
1:00pm | MolES 1st Flr. Conference Room 115

June 3
General Exam (PhD) - Haoming Chen
10:00am | CSE AE 107
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Drew Laqua
10:00am | CSE AE 105

June 5
General Exam (PhD) - Danying Hu
3:30pm | EEB 303

June 8
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Jianqing Qi
1:30pm | CSE AE 107
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Tamara Bonaci
2:30pm | EEB 303

June 11
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Shaowu Huang
10:30am | CSE AE 108
General Exam (PhD) - Utku Baran
11:00am | Foege N403
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Tien-Hao Liao
2:30pm | CSE AE108
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Ahlmahz Ifraj Negash
4:30pm | EEB 303

June 12
Spring quarter ends

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Special Announcements

UW EE Graduation Celebration!
We'll be celebrating with our graduating students on Friday, June 12.

2015 Jelinek Summer Workshop in Speech and Language Technology
UW EE hosts the 20th annual Jelinek Workshop in Speech and Language Technology

Department News

UW EE in the News: UW EcoCAR 3 team to compete on home turf
This week's EcoCAR 3 Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition is being held this week right here in Seattle.

BluHaptics Receives Most Promising Company Award
A start-up with origins in UW EE, BluHaptics was honored with the Most Promising Company Award at the Offshore Technology Conference.

UW EE in the News: Innovations: Are Potholes a Thing of the Past?
Professor Howard Chizeck’s startup, BluHaptics, is featured in this article, as is Professor Josh Smith’s wireless power work.

In the Fast Lane: EE Students Ready for EcoCAR3 Year 1 Competition
Shaping the future of cars, the UW EcoCar3 Team, which includes 32 EE students, will compete in the Year 1 Competition from May 29 to June 4 in Seattle.

Graduate Student Eldridge Alcantara Honored with Teaching Award
After volunteering to teach a core undergraduate class, Eldridge Alcantara has received the College of Engineering Graduate Student Award for Teaching!

Graduate Student Utku Baran Receives SPIE Scholarship
Congratulations to Utku Baran, honored with a prestigious Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics!

UW EE in the News: Deaf Jam: Experiencing Music Through A Cochlear Implant
Can cochlear implants be improved to provide a better musical experience? Prof. Les Atlas is working on software to do just that.

UW EE in the News: UW researchers hack a teleoperated surgical robot
EE researchers have hacked a teleoperated surgical robot to test how easily an attack could hijack remotely-controlled operations and to make those systems more secure.

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