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May 23
Undergrad Drop-ins

May 24
Undergrad Drop-ins
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Kai Wei
10:30am | CSE AE108
General Exam (PhD) - Aaron N. Parks
1:00pm | EEB 303
General Exam (PhD) - Scott Wisdom
1:30pm | EEB M406
Undergrad Drop-ins
General Exam (PhD) - Yishen Wang
3:00pm | CSE AE107

May 26
Thesis Defense (MSEE) - Anna Edwards
8:00am | CSE AE108
Undergrad Drop-ins

May 27
Dissertation Defense (PhD) - Utku Baran
12:00pm | Foege Hall, N403

May 30
Memorial Day
Undergrad Drop-ins

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Special Announcements

UW EE Faculty Searches

UW EE Wins $7.5 Million MURI Grant to Defend Advanced Cyberattacks
A highly competitive $7.5 million Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative grant has been awarded to a research team led by Department Chair and PI Radha Poovendran.

UW and MIT Team up to Improve Medical Diagnostics with $3 Million NIH Grant
A new NIH grant funds groundbreaking work between UW EE's Georg Seelig and MIT to develop computing devices that diagnose disease from inside living cells.

UW EE Graduation Ceremony on June 8
UW EE will hold a graduation celebration honoring all students graduating between Autumn 2015 and Summer 2016 on Wednesday, June 8, 7-9pm. Registration required!

Department News

UW EE Co-Authored Research Discovers Nature’s Most Efficient Proton Conductor
The most efficient proton conductor in nature is in a shark's electricity-sensing organ. UW EE Ph.D. candidate Erik Josberger was first author on the research.

Measuring Lung Function Over the Phone with SpiroCall
UW researchers including Professor Shwetak Patel and doctoral student Elliot Saba have developed a sensing tool to assess lung function using a simple phone call.

UW EE Hosts Alumni Breakfast for UW Discovery Days
The UW EE community celebrated our alums this weekend at Discovery Days on Saturday, April 23, 2016.

Student Success: Utku Baran Honored by College of Engineering
Utku Baran, who completes his Ph.D. this spring, has received the College of Engineering Student Award for Research for 2016.

Student Success: Conner Ballew Admitted to Caltech Ph.D. Program
Conner Ballew, who graduates this spring, has been admitted to Caltech's Ph.D. program, where he plans to research biophotonics and biomedical imaging.

Eli Shlizerman Models Monarch Butterfly's Internal Compass
For the first time, researchers including Assistant Professor Eli Shlizerman have uncovered how the monarch butterfly processes information to migrate south every year.

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