It should be just as easy to use a robotic arm as it is to use your own hand - even underwater. That’s the thinking behind UW start-up BluHaptics.

BluHaptics core technologies were developed by UWEE's Fredrik Ryden and Howard Chizeck.

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Professor Les Atlas, EE adjunct professor Kaibao Nie and professor Jay Rubenstein of otolaryngology and bioengineering are improving the way cochlear implants users hear music.

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Developing hardware and software solutions for socially meaningful applications - a look inside EE/CSE professor Shwetak Patel's Ubicomp Lab.

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EE/CSE Professor Georg Seelig is working to create multipurpose controllers at the nanoscale.

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Department News

Chong Li Receives the Intel Foundation/SRCEA Graduate Fellowship
Li is advised by Professor Richard C.J. Shi

Eric Klavins wins Faculty Innovator Award
Klavins has been awarded the 2014 Faculty Innovator: Teaching and Learning Award from the College of Engineering.

UWEE in the News: Robot Surgeons are the Future of Medicine
The Raven robot of the BioRobotics Lab is featured at the 2:45 mark of the video.
Fw: Thinking - April, 2014

Innovation and entrepreneurism, at home and abroad
Professor and Chair Vikram Jandhyala presents keynote speech to Taiwan alumni at the UW President's reception in Taipei.
Office of the President - April 14, 2014

Aaron Parks & Joshua Smith Win Best Paper at the 2014 IEEE RFID Conference
The paper is titled, "Sifting Through the Airwaves: Efficient and Scalable Multiband RF Harvesting"

Graduate Student Kelly Kozdras Wins the Hydro Research Foundation Award
Kozdras is one of 12 recipients to receive the award this year.

UWEE in the News: Is seeing Google Glass believing?
Seattle PI - April 4, 2014

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