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Robert H. Kim

Robert H. Kim, Ph.D.
Affiliate Professor, Research
Communications Systems
University of Washington
Department of Electrical Engineering
Box 352500
Seattle, WA 98195

Phone: (206) 685-4241
Fax: (206) 543-3842

California Western University, Santa Anna, CA, Ph.D. EE, 1980
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, C.E.S. EE, 1975
Parsons College, Fairfield IA, B.S. Mathematics, 1959

For over 40 years, Dr. Kim has been involved in the design, development, testing, marketing, and national-level implementation of state-of-the-art telecommunications systems and technologies for both defense and commercial programs and operations. Dr. Kim is currently President of Washington International Group Corp. (WIGC), a global consultancy firm.

Dr. Kim emigrated to the United States from South Korea in 1954, earning his B.S., CES., and Ph.D. degrees at American universities, including Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, M.D. His extensive experience in the U.S. defense electronics industry was gained at General Electric, Westinghouse, GTE, Fairchild, MITRE Corp., and other major defense contractors.

Dr. Kim’s areas of expertise encompass a wide spectrum of sophisticated defense systems, including ADS C3I, WWMACS & EAM; as well as FCC-regulated commercial media, including advanced mobile communications systems. Other areas of his expertise and research interests include secure voice and data networks, network management & control systems, SATCOM, tethered satellite, digital telephony, time division multiple access (TDMA), microwave, terrestrial and fiber-optic communications systems.

Dr. Kim also has firsthand experience in the commercialization of new technologies. Early in his career, Dr. Kim was appointed by the TCOM subsidiary of Westinghouse to lead the technical marketing of a novel lighter-than-air (LTA) communications platform. As a result, Dr. Kim was credited with winning a groundbreaking $7 million contract, from the Republic of Korea (ROK) government, for delivery of the world’s first commercial tethered satellite communications system.

Dr. Kim’s work in the field has taken him around the world, including extended in-country assignments in South Korea and most recently Thailand, where he worked as a MITRE deputy program manager on assignment with the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) in connection with a major joint U.S. – RTAF Air Defense Command & Control Communications installation.

Dr. Kim’s Ph.D. thesis was entitled, “Digital Detection of Ultra Fast Electrical Pulses” (1980), and, as a co-inventor, Dr. Kim was awarded U.S. Patent No. 3,846,645, “Bi-Polar Pulse Generator” (Nov. 5, 1974).

Dr. Kim and his wife, Charlene, currently reside in Bellevue, Washington after spending most of their married life in the Washington, D.C. area. Mrs. Kim is a retired university librarian and holds an M.L.S. degree from Syracuse University. A life-long aviation enthusiast, Dr. Kim has earned his private pilot’s student license and has accrued over 180 hours of flight time in various single engine, fixed-wing aircraft.

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