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Linda Bushnell

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Linda Bushnell
Research Associate Professor

Office: M342 EE Building


Tel: (206) 221-6717
Fax: (206) 543-3842

Prof. Linda Bushnell
Dept. Electrical Engineering
185 NE Stevens Way
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-2500


University of California at Berkeley PhD (EE) 1994, MA (Math) 1989
University of Connecticut MS (EE) 1987, BS (EE) 1985
University of Washington Foster School of Business MBA 2010


Linda Bushnell is a Research Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Washington. She received her Ph.D. in EE from UC Berkeley in 1994, her M.A. in Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 1989, her M.S. in EE from UConn in 1987, and her B.S. in EE from UConn in 1985. She also received her MBA from the University of Washington Foster School of Business in 2010. Her research interests include networked control systems and control of complex networks. She is a recipient of the US Government Superior Civilian Service Award, NSF ADVANCE Fellowship, University of Washington Women in Science and Engineering Graduate Student Mentor of the Year Award, UW EE Chair's Award, and IEEE Control Systems Society Recognition Award. She is a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Control Systems Society. Her past professional work was as a Program Manager of the Systems & Control Program at the U.S. Army Research Office and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the EE Department at Duke University from 1994-2000. She was also a Visiting Scholar in LIDS at MIT in 1992. She was the Co-Editor of a special issue of the Asian Journal of Control and Guest Editor for three issues of the Control Systems Magazine. She has been the Organizer/Co-Organizer of four invited/special sessions. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE, and has been a member of the IEEE since 1985, a member of the IEEE Control Systems Society since 1990, and a member of the IEEE Women in Engineering since 2013. For IEEE CSS, she is a Distinguished Lecturer, a member of the Women in Control Committee, a member of the TC Control Education, a member of the History Committee, Liaison to IEEE Women in Engineering, and a Member of the Board of Governors for 2015 - 2017. She was the Secretary-Administrator and Member of the Executive Committee from 2001-2007, Member of the Board of Governors 1999-2007, 2014, Associate Editor of the IEEE CSM 1999-2002, Vice-Chair for Invited Sessions for 2001 CCA, Chairperson of the History Standing Committee 1997-2000, and Vice-Chair for Invited Sessions for 2000 CDC. For the American Automatic Control Council (AACC), she has been a Member of the Technical Committee on Control Education since 2011 and is currently the Treasurer of AACC. She has been the Workshop Chair for 2013 ACC, Technical Program Chair for 2007 ACC, Publicity Chair for 2005 ACC, Vice-Chair for Publications for 1999 ACC, and Vice-Chair for Invited Sessions for 1998 ACC. For the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), she was the General Co-Chair for the Conference on High Confidence Networked Systems (HiCoNS) at CPSWeek 2014, and was the Technical Program Co-Chair for the HiCoNS at CPSWeek 2013. She has been a member of multiple Technical Program Committees for the CDC, ACC, HiCoNS, and ISIC conferences.


Research and Teaching

Professor Bushnell teaches PMP547 Linear Systems Theory, EE233 Circuit Theory and EE235 Continuous Linear Systems.

Recent Publications

  1. A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Scalable and Distributed Submodular Maximization with Matroid Constraints,” 13th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt, IEEE) (May 2015).
  2. P. Lee, A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Jamming-Based Adversarial Control of Network Flow Allocation: A Passivity Approach,” American Control Conference (July 2015).
  3. P. Lee, A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Passivity Framework for Composition and Mitigation of Multi-Virus Propagation in Networked Systems,” American Control Conference, Invited Session on Security, Privacy and Trust in CPS (July 2015).
  4. T. Pham and L. Bushnell, “Two-Degree-of-Freedom Damping Control of Driveline Oscillations Caused by Pedal Tip-In Maneuver,” American Control Conference (July 2015).
  5. B. Howard and L. Bushnell, “Enhancing Linear System Theory Curriculum with an Inverted Pendulum Robot,” American Control Conference (July 2015).


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