EE485 Introduction to Photonics


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Supplementary Materials

  • Physlet Physics has nice animations for many physics phenomena including Waves and Optics.

  • Reference on electromagnetic wave from Saleh & Teich "Foundamentals of Photonics"

  • Science article on direct measurement of light waves

  • Counter-intuitive electric displacement: Let's try to convince ourselves why the what seems like counter-intuitive expression for electric displacement is actually physically intuitive.

  • Wavelength dependence of refractive index

  • Reconciliation of lecture notes with textbook on Poynting vector and intensity
    Poynting vector in two faces

  • The 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Dr. Charles K. Kao for his ground breaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication. Dr. Kao received 1/2 of the Prize. Dr. Willard S. Boyle and Dr. George E. Smith each received 1/4 of the Prize for their invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit-the CCD sensor. (See press release)
    For a brief history of optical fibers and Dr. Kao's work, here is an
    excerpt from "A History of Engineering & Science in the Bell System," published by AT&T Bell Laboratories.

  • Fiber optics for the far north (IEEE Spectrum, Jan. 2015)

  • Coordinate transformation of Jones vectors and Jones matrices

  • Here is the explanation about the boundary conditions in electromagnetic waves, from The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. 2. (pdf file)

  • Optics of liquid crystals

  • Reference on Fabry-Perot interferometer from Verdeyen "Laser Electronics"

  • Wikipedia illustration of group and phase velocity

  • Output intensity from a linear two-mirror laser cavity