EE529 Semiconductor Optoelectronics


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Supplementary Materials

Physlet Quantum Physics

Why is the divergence of a vector potential equal to zero? From Griffith, "Introduction to Electrodynamics," 3rd ed., Sec. 5.4, Prentice Hall.
Take a look

MathCAD program for effective index and modal profile of a 3-layer slab waveguide.
If you don't use MathCAD, here is the pdf print-out.

Final project report by Jianqing Qi and Golam Rabbani (2011) on "Photo absorption calculation in bulk silicon and silicon nanowires."

Final project presentation from Andy Pettit and Greg Rosenthal (2013) on "Fundamentals of patent law and implications on optoelectronic devices," for those of you interested in entrepreneurship.

Final project presentation from Benjamin Glassy and Mark Ziffer (2013) on "Photovoltaics: What material is best for your needs."