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UW Travel Regulations

Travel is complicated, it is subject to many regulations, each trip is unique, and the UW Travel Office must demystify all complexities prior to payments.

UW Travel - General information about UW business travel policies and procedures.

Information on specific travel issues can be found at the following links: Personal Travel/Time, Changes/Cancellations, Contract Airfare, Conference Registration (on Patrick's ProCard), Per Diem Lodging, Per Diem Meals, Car Rental, Personal Car, and Currency Conversion.

International Travel: Use of U.S. Domestic Airlines

Travel supported by U.S. Government funds (i.e., federal grants and contracts) must use U.S. domestic airlines for international air transport of people and property to the extent that such service is available. See Fly America Act & PowerPoint Presentation with information about exceptions and the Open Skies Agreements.

Excluding excptions, essentially what this mean is:
For any leg of international travel originating out of or returning to the United States the federal government requires the traveler to purchase airfare through a U.S. domestic airline (directly or through a travel agent). Note: non-U.S. airlines "operated by" (and ticketed through) U.S. domestic airlines are ok.

i.e., The U.S. Government is stating that international airfares on federally funded grants and contracts be spent supporting the U.S. airline industry (to the extent that such service is available).

Travel Agent

Scan East West Travel (Lake Union Travel merged with Scan East West)
100 West Harrison N
Tower #420
Seattle WA 98119
Main: 206-623-2157

Travel Agent Direct Contacts:
Denine Hughs,, 206-343-7609
Lee Jordan,, 206-343-7610

Lake Union Travel (now merged with Scan East West) is a woman-owned business that was recommended to Patrick in 2012.