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Denise Wilson

Denise Denise Wilson is the director of the Distributed Microsystems Laboratory Her research emphasizes making sensing systems that work using novel design methodologies, system frameworks, optimization software, electronic interfaces, and signal processing. Of special interest to Denise is the modelling of olfactory systems and sensor systems adjusted to cost-effective environmental monitoring; she is developing an electronic nose toolbox (of a wide variety of chemical sensor models at different levels of complexity) to be able to support the modelling of the biological olfactory system. Denise splits her research between her technical (sensing) interests and research in engineering education (focused on belonging and affective measures of student success and fulfillment).

Office: M222 EE1 Bldg - Phone: (206) 221-5238

Graduate Students

Vaibhav's Resume Vaibhav's Website email Vaibhav Vaidya

Vaibhav Vaibhav is pursuing his PhD in Elecrical Engineering at the University of Washington. Prior to joining the DMS Lab, Vaibhav did his Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the College of Engineering, Goa, India. Vaibhav's work at the DMS lab involves modeling organic transistors in SPICE and investigating hybrid circuits with organic transistors and integrated organic MEMS components. Vaibhav's interests include analog circuit design and organic electronics.

email Ryan Campbell

Ryan Ryan is pursuing his doctorate through the UW Graduate School's interdisciplinary Individual PhD (IPhD) program, in which he combines the Department of Electrical Engineering and the College of Education to create a degree program in the emerging field of Engineering Education. Ryan comes to the UW with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from SungKyunKwan University, Republic of Korea, and a B.S. in Engineering Science from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO. Ryan's work in the DMS lab involves course-module development for the integration of humanitarian applications of engineering into existing engineering curricula in an attempt to attract and retain students of greater diversity than has historically been found in engineering schools. Ryan's research interests include: engineering education, humanitarian engineering, appropriate technology, and computer modeling of electric power and renewable energy systems.

email Leah Freed

Leah Ms. Leah Freed is currently pursuing a Master's in Environmental Engineering after getting her B.E. in Chemical Engineering at The Cooper Union in New York City. Leah's work for the DMS lab runs the gamut of her interests. She is involved with a water quality analysis of urban Brazil using image processing to test field data, the health impacts of indoor air fresheners, and coordinating and analyzing focus group and survey data for both the REESE and CCLI projects. Leah's research interests include surface and drinking water treatment and management, the environmental fate of pollutants, and public health impacts, specifically in developing nations. She hopes to eventually become a professor.

email Weijiu Wu

Weijiu Mr. Weijiu is currently pursuing his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering department, University of Washington under the supervision of Professor Wilson after finishing his Bachelor degree in Hong Kong S.A.R. Weijiu's work at the DMS Lab is mainly about investigating possible application for organic circuits as well as the environmental impact of these circuits. Weijiu's research interest covers analog/digital circuit design and organic electronics.

email Tien Nguyen

Tien Mr. Tien Nguyen is pursuing his master of science in Information Management, from the Information School, University of Washington. He holds a B.S. in Computing (Computer Science) from National University of Singapore. He has been working as a software engineer for more than three years. He spends his time exploring Human Computer Interaction, Information Science, User Behaviors as well as Engineering Education.
Tien is currently a leader in classroom observations for REESE Project, Engineering Education.

email Claire Carlson

Claire Ms. Claire is a current University of Washington undergrad pursuing a degree in Human-Centered Design and Engineering. Claire has worked in the DMS lab since November 2009 leading focus group studies and coordinating surveys within the math, science, and engineering departments.

email Xingyi Shi

Xingyi Ms. Xingyi is a junior undergraduate student in UW Electrical Engineering Department. I started working in DMS Lab since spring 2010. I have been working on Engineering Education Research and Sensor Project for Water Quality Analysis in Brazil. My interests are nano-electronics, VLSI and remote sensing. I am looking for further research opportunities in my area of interests.

email Yiqun Chen (Jeff)

Yiqun Yiqun (Jeff) is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in the Electrical Engineering department, University of Washington. His work at the DMS lab involves programming the webpage for CVI (Calling, Vocation, Identity), and technical projects (organic circuits and solar cells).


{Contact students below who have graduated through Denise Wilson}

Brian Ferguson
Brian Ferguson graduated in 2009 with his MS in electrical engineering. He is currently working in Southern California as an electrical engineer.

Jeff Kissinger
Jeff Kissinger graduated in 2009 with his MS in electrical engineering. He is currently working at BE Meyers in Redmond, Washington as an electrical engineer.

Lisa Hansen
Lisa finished her Masters from the DMS lab in the Summer of 2006. Lisa's masters work at the DMS lab involved integrating Surface Plasmon Resonance data processing onto a chip. While at the lab, she interned at Sandia National Laboratories, working on high-voltage circuits and now works full time at Sandia in Nuclear Weapons Safety.

Ranajit Banerjee
Ranajit worked in the DMS lab until summer of 2006. He now works on embedded analog circuit design.

Linda Lee
inda graduated from the DMS lab in the Summer of 2006. She also has a degree in Law and now practices patent litigation. While at the DMS lab, Linda worked on Surface Plasmon Resonance data processing.

Matthew Liu
Matthew got a dual Undergraduate degree from the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering departments at the University of Washington. His work at the DMS lab involved design of a software (SLAP) to optimize the mixing of LED spectra to substitute conventional light sources in Surface Plasmon Resonance sensing.

Matthew Johnston
Matt got his Masters degree from the University of Washington. His work involved on-chip data processing for Surface Plasmon Resonance sensing. Matt graduated in 2005 and went to work for Intel at Boston, MA

Andrew Moe
Andrew did his Masters from the DMS Lab, working on LED drivers for Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing. He went on to work for Microvision Inc, designing Heads-up displays.