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Journal Publications


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Conference Publications


Ma, H; Roy, S;   Contention Window and Transmission Opportunity Adaptation for Dense IEEE 802.11 WLAN Based on Loss Differentiation, Proc. IEEE ICC, Beijing, China, May 2008.

Luo, L; Roy, S;  A Two-stage Sensing Technique for Dynamic Spectrum Access , Proc. IEEE ICC, Beijing, China, May 2008.

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Contributed Articles

J. Zhu; S. Roy; X. Guo and W. S. Conner, ` `Maximizing Aggregate Throughput in 802.11 Mesh Networks with Physical Carrier Sensing and Two-radio Multichannel Clustering,'' Proc. NSF-RPI Workshop on Pervasive Computing and Networking, Apr. 2004, Kluwer Acad. (to appear).

Roy, S.; Ramachandran, I.; "Channel Estimation for High Rate Ultra-Wideband Systems" in "UWB Communication Systems - A Comprehensive Overview", T. Kaiser (ed.), EURASIP Publishing (to appear).


Technical Reports

J. Zhu, S. Roy, Jae Kim, Performance Modelling of TCP Enhancements in Terrestrial-Satellite Hybrid Networks, UW/EE Technical Report, 2005

Ramachandran I, Das A, Roy S Analysis of Contention Access Period of IEEE 802.15.4 MAC UWEE Technical Report, UWEETR-2006-0003, 2006

Purushothaman I, Roy S Infrastructure mode support for IEEE 802.11 implementation in NS-2

For 802.11 infrastructure mode patch for ns2, Click Here.