Improved passive coherent imaging of object in cluttered environment

We investigate a passive coherent correlation and imaging in cluttered environment.  We intend to improve resolution and reliability of imaging and detection of a target of interest in the presence of cluttered environment using only passive listening modality.  Passive radar has several advantages including low cost and covertness.  However, in practice, we can only work with signal readily available such as TV, AM, FM.  These signals have small bandwidths which give coarse resolution.  Thus, they are not suitable for detection of small object.  However, in recent years, more high-bandwidth signals are becoming common such as Digital TV and WiMAX.  Therefore, we intend to develop technologies to exploit these signals for detection of smaller object including car, truck, or even human.  An imaged-based passive radar system is introduced, which combines the use of cross-correlation techniques with the adaptive beamforming technique, MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC).  The goal of this method is to improve the delectability of slowly moving ground objects, such as humans and ground vehicles, in a random cluttered background.


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