Ocean-TUNE is a multi-university research project to develop a community ocean testbed for underwater wireless networks.  More information on the overview, motivation, features, and broader impact of Ocean-TUNE can be found on the main project website, http://www.oceantune.org/.


  1. Sumit Roy, Principal Investigator, sroy@uw.edu
  2. Payman Arabashahi, Co-Investigator, payman@uw.edu
  3. Shwan Ashrafi, Affiliated Graduate Student, shwan@uw.edu
  4. Xinyu Xie, Affiliated Undergraduate Student, xinyux@uw.edu
  5. Eldridge Alcantara, Affiliated Graduate Student, eealcant@uw.edu

Research Directives

Ocean-TUNE at UW will focus on the following two research areas:

Project Work Efforts

1. Testbed Deployment

Ocean-TUNE is expected to deploy four testbeds at four different sites to provide diverse coverage of coastal geography and weather in the US. UW will be in charge of deploying one of these testbeds in an area called the Hood Canal, one of the four major basins of Puget Sound in the state of Washington.
One major component of these testbeds will be the AquaSeNT modems. These modems are high-speed orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) acoustic modems. More information on these modems is provided below:

2. MAC Layer Design

UW will be focusing on making improvements to the MAC layer for Ocean-TUNE's underwater network. In particular, current efforts are aimed at developing an improved ALOHA implementation.
This design will implemented on Ocean-TUNE's networking software called SeaLinx.

3. Network Simulation

To aid in future site experiments to test newly developed underwater communication and network algorithms, UW will also be focusing on developing a network simulation of the Ocean-TUNE testbed in the Hood Canal using NS-3.

Meeting Notes