UW Software Defined Acoustic Modem


Welcome to the University of Washington Software Defined Acoustic Modem project! The aim of this project is to create an underwater acoustic softwater defined modem. The general idea is to get the software as close to the antennas as possible so that we can implement the entire modem stack in software using general purpose processors. To achieve this, we are using an Intel D945GCLF2 mini-ITX motherboard, Avnet Memec's Spartan-II 200 PCI development kit board in cooperation with Avnet Memec's P160 Analog Module daugther-board. For more information on the hardware we are using see the Docs section and the downloadable archives.


All of the source code for this project can be downloaded or viewed at our github repository.

  • github repository
  • If you plan on keeping up to date with the changes that this repository is likey to see, as we are in active development, it may be easier to download a git client. This will make it easy to stay in sync with the latest changes while also not having to download the entire archive each time.


    Here is an archive of the documentation for the project that is not being kept in the repository to ease up bandwidth.

  • UW swdam documentation archive