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Electromagnetic Wave MATLAB Library

The EM Wave MATLAB Library consists of a collection of MATLAB programs related to electromagnetic wave scatteringwith special emphasis on wave scattering by random rough surfacesand discrete random media. This web site will be updated regularly, as new programsbecome available.

Detailed descriptions of the theories and formulations behind these codes can be foundin the three-volume bookScattering of Electromagnetic Waves published by John Wiley & Sons:

§        Volume II: Numerical Simulations (2001) by L. Tsang, J.A. Kong, K.H. Ding, and C.O. Ao

§        Volume III: Advanced Topics (2001) by L. Tsang and J.A. Kong

Download all programs: .zip or .tar.gz

Disclaimer: The material on this web site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Users are free tomodify the programs for their own use, but please retain any copyright notice and credit to the programmers that are included in the distribution.

Random Rough Surfaces

Random rough surface generation

R1. Gaussian surface with Gaussian spectrum

R2. Gaussian surface with Exponential spectrum

Monte Carlo simulation of random rough surface scattering: Dirichlet case

     R3. Gaussian surface with Gaussian spectrum

     R4. Gaussian surface with ocean spectrum

R5. Emissivities from 2-D dielectric rough surface using small perturbation method

Discrete Random Media

D1.Monte Carlo simulation of volume scattering by point scatterers

D2.Percus-Yevick pair distribution function for hard spheres

D3.Monte Carlo simulation of pair distribution function for hard spheres

D4.Effective propagation constant for Mie scatterers based on QCA

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