Electromagnetic Wave MATLAB Library

Monte Carlo Simulation of Random Rough Surface Scattering

Gaussian Surface with Ocean Spectrum

Reference: Chapter 4 of Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Numerical Simulations

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rs1do.m calculates scalar wave scattering by a one-dimensional Gaussian random rough surface with bandlimitedocean spectrum and Dirichlet boundary condition. The surface integral equation is solved numerically using the Method of Moments (MoM). Bistatic scattering coefficients are computed.

Example: wave=1.579 cm (freq=19 GHz), nr=100, N=256, rL=25.6*wave, kl=100 (1/m), us=0.437198 m/sku=4000 (1/m), g=rL/4, tid=50, nsa=179, seed=112233

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