Electromagnetic Wave MATLAB Library

Random Rough Surface Generation

Reference: Chapter 4 of Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Numerical Simulations

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Programs: [ Gaussian, Ocean, Fractal ]


Example: N=256, rL=25.6, h=0.2, lc=0.5, seed=123456

§        rsgeno.m generates one-dimensional Gaussian surface with bandlimited ocean spectrum.


Example: N=256, rL=0.4045, kl=100, ku=4000, us=0.4372, seed=123456

§        rsgenf.m generates one-dimensional bandlimited fractal surface based on the Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function.


Example: N=256, rL=0.4045, h=8.12e-4, kl=100, ku=4000, Nf=100, sdim=1.5, seed=123456

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