Silicon Systems Research Lab

Conduct cutting-edge research and human resource development in silicon implementation of high-throughput communication systems and computer-aided design of mixed-signal microelectronic systems

    Silicon Systems Research Laboratory (SSRL) is dedicated to the development of computer-aided technologies, software tools and theoretical foundations for designing smaller, cheaper, reliable, high performance and energy-efficient mixed-signal microchips, as well as to silicon implementation of high-throughput communication systems.

      Our graduates are working in Motorola, Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, VLSI Technology, Rockwell, Synopsys, Cadence, and Microsoft. Our research is sponsored by DARPA, Air Force Research Laboratory, NSF, Conexant Design Systems, Intel Corporation, Synopsys, and Avant! Corporation.

      SSRL Research Laboratory is located in EE/CSE Building Room 465 and is directed by Prof. Richard Shi.

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