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Photonics Group

The development history of photonics has evolved from a set of elegantly formulated theorems by physicists, to multi-disciplinary interactions at the second half of the 20th century. Significant progresses in opto-electronic integrated circuits (OEICs), fiber optics, optical MEMS, bio-photonics, and new photonic materials and structures, have resulted in substantial impacts in our life. Taking advantages of strong research efforts in multiple disciplines at the University of Washington, the photonics research activities in the Electrical Engineering Department are cross-disciplinary efforts and interact closely with many other fields, such as micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), bio-medicine, optical communications, nano-technology, chemistry, and material science.

Various research groups have effort in photonics:

Like all other disciplines in science and technology, future advancements in this field will involve strong coupling with other fields, which will allow new ways of making photonic integrated systems, new applications, new structures and new materials, as well as new physical phenomena. Photonics is expected to be an important discipline in UWEE, and the Department is well situated for such collaborative efforts and making pivotal contributions to the advancement in science and technology.

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