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Registration Issues

Non-Major Petition to Enroll in an EE Course

Non-EE students are required to submit a Non-major Petition to enroll in an EE undergraduate course (233, 235, 271 and all 300 or 400-level). EE Advising will evaluate petitions according to the criteria below. Please pay particular attention to criterion 4.

  1. EE 215 is open to all Seattle Engineering majors, including Pre-engineering and Extended Pre-engineering students without petition. All other majors must petition but will normally be allowed to enroll on a space-available basis.
  2. We will normally grant permission to enroll in a 200 or 300-level course, provided that the student has satisfactorily completed the prerequisites and space is available in the course.
  3. We will strictly scrutinize petitions for 400-level courses for student ability and utility of the course to their program.
  4. Students who have applied to Electrical Engineering in the current or previous quarters and not gained admission will normally be allowed to take two of EE 233, EE 235 or EE 271. Courses beyond this allowance are solely at the discretion of the department and depend on a student's competitiveness for admission.
  5. Permission to take an EE course on a non-major basis does not imply that you may be admitted to the program.

Graduate students interested in taking EE courses at the graduate (500) level should contact the course instructor directly.

Waitlist for Undergraduate EE Courses

Please complete this survey if you wish to enroll in an EE course that is presently entry coded or full and that you would otherwise be eligible to register for. If the course is full, you should plan on attending the first day of class to ensure priority for registration. Note: If you are not an EE major, you must also complete the Non-Major Petition to Enroll in an EE Course. While we will attempt to resolve requests prior to the first day of quarter, it may be necessary to finish registration during the first week of classes. Priority will be given to students needing the course for graduation, then based on class-standing and then in chronological order received.

Non-Matriculated/Graduate Non-Matriculated Students (Non-Degree)

Non-degree students may take EE courses on a space-available basis, presuming the prerequisites have been met. Once you have applied through UW Continuing Education (link above), complete a NM or GNM Student Registration Approval Form. If you are interested in a 100, 200, 300 or 400-level EE course, also complete the Non-major Petition and bring your form to the EE Main Office in the Paul Allen Center. For a 500-level course, please see the instructor for approval and then bring the form to the EE Main Office. EE GNM students do not need to submit a petition for 400-level EE courses but follow the same procedure as for 500-level courses.


Registration for two classes with a time conflict must be done via the Registration Transaction Form submitted to the Registrar in Schmitz Hall. If the conflict is less than 60 minutes per week, verbal permission of the instructors is required. If the time conflict is 60 minutes or more per week, signatures from both instructors are required.

Independent Study

For undergraduate independent study, faculty codes may be obtained from EE Advising upon presentation of the Undergraduate Independent Study Form (EE 490 or 499), which is signed by the faculty advisor. PMP students seeking independent study should visit the PMP Independent Study webpage for more information.

Entry Codes

If you need an entry code for a course, due to prerequisite waiver, overload or other circumstance, please have the instructor e-mail EE Advising with permission or submit a Registration Approval Form with faculty signature.

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