PMP Transfer Credit & Petitions

Transfer Credit Policy

The PMP allows a maximum of ONE course, up to 4 quarter credits, to be transferred and applied toward the MSEE assuming credits were not used to satisfy requirements for another degree. In order for transfer credits to be considered, students must be current UW PMP students - courses cannot be reviewed for prospective students or before the time of admission. The transfer coursework needs to be applicable to the PMP, and must be approved by an EE faculty member. It is at the discretion of the department to recommend approval of transfer credit requests, and transfer credits from other institutions are not entered on the UW transcript. In order for a petition to be considered, students must submit the following via email to the Professional Programs Manager:

  1. Course description
  2. Course syllabus
  3. Unofficial transcript from institution awarding credit.

Petition of Degree Requirements

In general, you should always check first with the PMP Advisor regarding a request to petition a PMP degree requirement. If the requirement relates to the Graduate School you will be advised to submit a Petition to the Dean. If the requirement is departmental you may be able to have the request reviewed internally by the PMP Advisor and/or the PMP Faculty Director.



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