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PMP Master's Independent Study

PMP students interested in working on research with an EE faculty member may register for Master's Independent Study, EE 599. 


How Many Credits? How Many Hours Of Work?

1 credit   =  3 hours of work/week
2 credits =  6 hours of work/week
3 credits =  9 hours of work/week
4 credits =  12 hours of work/week

Faculty expectations should not exceed the hours listed above. Students should speak with their faculty supervisor and have a clear understanding and agreement as to the expected parameters necessary to earn the specified number of independent study credits.  Students and/or faculty should contact the PMP Advisor if they have any questions.

Registering For Independent Study

To register for independent study PMP students must first contact the PMP Advising Office and receive approval.  Then the student must identify a supervising faculty and receive a faculty code from the PMP Advisor to be used on the quarterly registration form submitted to UW Educational Outreach. 

Process for Independent Study Registration:

  1. Meet with and receive approval for independent study from the PMP Advising Office.
  2. Complete the PMP Request for Master's Independent Study approval form, get the faculty signature, and return the form to the PMP Advisor to receive a faculty code. A new approval form must be submitted each quarter a PMP student registers for EE 599.
  3. Write the given faculty code in the space next to EE 599 on the Continuing Education registration form.
  4. Submit the completed Continuing Education quarterly registration form as normal.

Questions regarding registration for EE 599 may be directed to the Program Advisor via

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