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Updated Sunday, October 4, 2015 2:40pm

Recently, some of you have been asking "Do I even need an EE computing account? I already have a NetID."

While it's true that you use your UW NetID to log into many EE computing resources, including all Windows labs and the EE web server, it's still necessary that you have an EE account.

The EE web server does ask you to log in using your UW NetID, but your EE account still needs to exist for your login to succeed. This is necessary because we have many resources that are available only to people with an EE affiliation - for example, online appointment scheduling with EE advisors, and our Microsoft-donated software.

Additionally, most of EE's Unix/Linux computers require you use an EE account for login. This includes EE's Linux Lab as well as the vast majority of EE research group computers.

Not to mention that having an EE account means you also have a snazzy "@ee.washington.edu" email address that'll make you the envy of your friends and family.

So if you don't have an EE account, create one today! See the following page to learn how:


Please direct any questions or problem reports to the EE helpdesk.

Campus-wide issues may be reported on the UW-IT eOutage page.

For EE help, send a message to help@ee.washington.edu

Any questions related to EE computing issues can be submitted using our EE helpdesk form. Your question will get routed to the appropriate person or group. During the week we will respond within 24 hours - usually much sooner.

EE Departmental Computing Staff

If you need assistance with your EE computer account or password, have trouble with the computer network, can't access your e-mail, or have questions regarding the EE Web site, come talk to one of the departmental computing staff.

Research Computing Support Staff

Research Computing Support is responsible for meeting the computing needs of specific research groups within our department.


Computing Labs

Note that EE Windows Lab systems use UW NETID for authentication. EE Linux Lab systems require an EE account.

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