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Microsoft Software for EE Faculty, Staff, and Students

The UW Microsoft Campus Agreement makes certain Microsoft software packages available to students, faculty, and staff either for free or at a very reduced price.

Microsoft Office - install it on your device or use it online

All faculty, staff, and students can use Office 365 because the university subsribes to the service.  You can install Office on your Windows or Mac, use the online Office apps, and store files in OneDrive for Business.  You can create web sites, sync your documents, and share them to others.  To get your software or start using the cloud applications, just go to www.office.com and sign in with your netid@uw.edu.  If you are using an iOS or Android device, just download the Office app that you want from your app store, then open the app and sign in with your netid@uw.edu to unlock the entire feature set.

Windows and other Microsoft Software

There are a substantial number of additional Microsoft software titles available specifically to the EE department, including developer tools and server software. UWEE students, faculty, and staff can browse what's available, as well as download the software, from the UWEE MSDNAA website at https://uwee.onthehub.com/

You must log in using your EE account info to download software from the MSDNAA website. In the upper right section of all MSDNAA pages you'll find a "Sign In" link - click on it. A popup window requesting your EE username and password will open. Log in with your EE username and password, exactly as you would to access protected content on the EE website.

Most of the software is provided as .iso (CD/DVD) image files, which can be downloaded and then burned onto a CD-R or DVD-R. After you log in, you can select the software package(s) you wish to download and add them to your shopping cart. When finished, select "checkout" - you'll be presented with options for downloading your software. You'll also be provided with the serial numbers you should use when installing - be sure to copy and save them!

Additional Notes

If the software you want isn't availbe free from the links above, free or discounted software if available through UW UWARE's Microsoft page. Use your UW Netid to sign obtain software.

If you need Microsoft software for university-owned devices, contact EE to get installation files.  If you have any questions or run into problems, please contact the EE Helpdesk.

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