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Connecting to the EE VPN from a Mac

The following instructions are for Mac users. If you're trying to connect from Windows, you'll need to follow the Windows instructions.

Please refrain from using your student account to pass illegal p2p traffic thru these machines. Law firms do check for these things, and let us know about it, a lot.

  1. Open System Preferences and select "Network":
  2. Under the list of existing network interfaces on the left, click on the "+" (plus) sign to set up a new interface:
  3. In the small window that opens, select "VPN" as the interface. After you've done that, you should set "PPTP" as the VPN Type. Next, choose a Service Name that is makes it obvious this will be your connection to the UWEE VPN. Finally, hit the "Create" button.
  4. Click on the Configuration item and select "Add Configuration...".
  5. For simplicity, name the configuration similarly to the Service Name you picked above.
  6. The Server Address must be "ee-wong.ee.washington.edu". For Account Name, enter your UW NetID. Set Encryption to "Maximum (128 bit only). After making those settings, click on the "Authentication Settings..." button.
  7. Select "Password" for the User Authentication, then type your UW password in the text box. Click "OK".
  8. That's everything - click the "Apply" button. You'll now have a new network item listed on the left side.
  9. To use the VPN, just click "Connect":
  10. While you're connected to the UWEE Windows VPN, your network connection will now be automatically routed through the VPN connection, letting you access all the same computers and other resources you'd be able to if you were on campus.
  11. If you will be using the VPN on a regular basis, you might want to check the box "Show VPN status in menu bar". This provides a quick way to turn your VPN connection on and off without having to open System Preferences.
  12. That's it!

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact the EE Computing help desk.

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