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Locations of the EE Computing Labs

All EE Computing Labs are located in the EE Building (EEB) and Sieg Hall. You must have a UW NetID to log onto these EE computers (excepting the instructional labs in 345/347, which currently still require an EE computing account. Also, since the labs are locked, be sure to bring your student card with you - the doors have magnetic card readers to help restrict access to EE students.

If you feel you should have access to one of these labs, but can't get in, fill out an access request form at the EE main office front desk (Room AE100R).

General Purpose Labs

Our General Purpose computing labs are for the use of anyone currently enrolled in the Electrical Engineering department.

EEB-361 Windows Computing Lab

(Being rebuilt Summer 2014)


Linux Lab
40 computers running RedHat Enterprise Linux 6


Windows Computing Lab
12 computers running Windows 7 Enterprise


Instructional Labs

These locations are for use by students enrolled in specific courses. Normally access is granted automatically according to the class enrollment lists.


Digital and Instrumentation Computing Lab
32 computers running Windows 7 Enterprise


Digital Design Computing Lab
16 computers running Windows XP
4 computers running Linux

EEB-347 Digital Design Computing Lab
12 computers running Windows XP

Imaging Computing Lab
12 computers running Windows 7 Enterprise

EEB-419 Wireless and Microwave Computing Lab
7 computers running Windows XP
Sieg-232 Signals, Communications and Controls (SCC) Computing Lab
20 computers running Windows 7 Enterprise



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