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Research Matlab SSH Workaround

Note: This is for research versions of Matlab only, not departmental licenses.

In order to use Matlab you must be able to connect to the Matlab license server from inside the EE network. This workaround will allow you to run Matlab from your local computer outside the EE network.

  1. SSH to a machine allowed to run your version of Matlab (Putty is available for Windows PCs)
  2. Tunnel the license port through SSH to the license server:
    'ssh -L 27000:lmas.engr.washington.edu:27000 -L 28000:lmas.engr.washington.edu:28000 user@host'
  3. If using Putty, type the machine name in the main screen, expand SSH and click Tunnels, add the source port (27000) and destination (lmas.engr.washington.edu:27000) and click Add.
  4. Change the network.lic file to connect to localhost (previously pointing at lmas.engr.washington.edu)
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