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Support Staff

EE Computing's support staff is divided up into three groups - Departmental Computing, Desktop Support, and Research Computing Services. The staff that makes up each group, and the specific role each group plays, is explained below.

Departmental Computing

If you need assistance with your EE computer account or password, have trouble with the computer network, can't access your email, or have questions regarding the EE Web site, come talk to us or one of our student assistants.

Departmental Computing is located in rooms 307E, 307F, and 307G of the EE building. Our offices are generally open between 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Name Title Email Office
Jeremy "Murdoch" Mates Señor Unix Sysadmin 307G EEB
Gordon "Dishpan" Messmer Senior Unix Sysadmin 307H EEB
Travis "Hannibal" Saling Web Computing Specialist / Webmaster 307F EEB

Windows Computing Support

Windows Computing Support handles all issues regarding computer hardware and software for student labs and faculty/staff offices, as well as the setup of new computer equipment throughout the department.

Name Title Email Office
Kevin "Face" Severud Senior Windows Administrator 307E EEB
Michael "B.A." Bettis Windows Administrator 307E EEB

Research Computing Services

Research Computing Services is responsible for meeting the computing needs of specific research groups within our department.

Name Email
SSLI Laboratory - Lee "Nomad" Damon
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