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Research Areas & Expertise

The research expertise of our faculty covers a wide range of disciplines in electrical engineering in the areas of Communications and Networking;  Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing; Integrated Systems, Circuits and VLSI; Nanotechnology, MEMS and Photonics; Power and Energy; Speech, Image and Video Processing; and Systems, Control and Robotics. This research expertise is well recognized as evidenced by the numerous honors acquired by our current faculty, including 20 NSF PYI/Career Awards and 19 IEEE Fellows.

Our faculty’s research is built upon strong theoretical foundations as well as solid domain knowledge, therefore, they are not only able to conduct advanced research/development,  but are eager to offer practical solutions to industry partners. CAP members are regularly informed about our faculty’s R&D progress through our quarterly CAP newsletter which facilitates valuable matches of expertise among our faculty for collaboration or consultation. Additionally, CAP members have the opportunity to work directly with faculty to develop initiatives that benefit their organization and society as a whole.

5 Strategic Research Thrusts

EE is focused on five strategic research areas that blend the expertise and strengths of UW EE, the university, and our invaluable industry partnerships: Sustainable Energy, Medical Systems & Devices, Molecular Systems & Devices, and Big Physical Data. These areas are at the forefront of EE as we strive to enhance collaboration and research stature in the coming years: Sustainable Energy, Medical Systems & Devices, Molecular Systems & Devices, Big Physical Data: Computational Design Tools, and Big Physical Data: Sensing Systems & Networking. These 5 thrusts serve as an important guideline for the department in the hiring process, interdisciplinary research collaboration, resource and space allocation, and curriculum and education improvement.

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