Work with Students

UW Electrical Engineering offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees and is one of the largest departments in the UW College of Engineering with approximately 475 undergraduates and 300 graduate students. Support from our industry partners provides valuable opportunities and experience for students preparing to work in industry and also allows our industry partners to recognize the achievements of top-performing EE students.

There are multiple ways to partner with Electrical Engineering students through our Corporate Affiliates Program. Below are some of the ways in which our industry partners can connect with our students.

Capstone Sponsorship
Capstone design courses are a requirement for all EE students. It is typically taken in a students' senior year, and is a culmination of their learning. It demonstrates the integration of the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their academic career, and applies this knowledge to a specific real-world project assigned by a partnering organization. We will work with CAP members individually to identify the best possible match.

Electrical Engineering CarEEr Fair
Attend our annual CarEEr Fair in October. CAP members receive priority registration privileges.

HKN/IEEE Casino Night
Our student-run society HKN/ IEEE hosts the popular Casino Night, which gives company representatives, students, and EE faculty an opportunity to network in a casual, fun, atmosphere.

Engineering Co-op & Internship Program
The Engineering Co-op & Internship Program links qualified, interested students with employers to fill temporary technical positions. Employers gain access to recruit, evaluate, and train potential employees while students gain hands on work experiences and credit toward graduation.

Information sessions
Host an information session targeted to specific students. Contact if interested.

Resume Book
All EE undergrads and grads are encouraged to submit a resume to our EE Resume Book, which is open only to EE CAP members. CAP members can contact for access.

Technical talks
Host an on-campus technical talk, highlighting your company's R&D, products, technology, etc.. Contact if interested.


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