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Electrical Engineering Awards

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About the Awards

The Electrical Engineering Awards recognize the outstanding efforts of the department's students, staff, and faculty.  Awardees will be honored at the EE Graduation Celebration.  Award categories are:

Yang Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Outstanding Professional Student
Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Outstanding Staff
Outstanding Faculty


Electrical Engineering students, staff and faculty can submit online nominations for these awards, accepted throughout Spring Quarter. Once the nomination window closes, no additional nominations will be accepted. Nominations will be reviewed by the EE Executive Committee. Award recipients are selected in early June and notified by the Electrical Engineering Chair before the end of Spring Quarter.

Preparing Your Nomination

To submit a nomination, please use the online nomination form.

It is recommended that you gather the following information before starting a nomination:

Summary of Awards

Detailed nomination criteria for each award is listed on the online nomination form.


(who can be nominated)

Nomination Eligibility:
(who can nominate)

Yang Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student

Recognizing one UWEE doctoral student who has conducted outstanding research in the field of electrical engineering, as evidenced by their publications or recognized by outside researchers in their field.

(Student's Research Supervisor)
Outstanding Professional Student

Recognizing a professional student who shows an exemplary commitment to their education by having a strong balance between their engineering career and graduate education.

Faculty, Staff
Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Recognizing an undergraduate student who shows an exemplary commitment to the UW Electrical Engineering department in service activities.

Faculty, Staff

Outstanding Staff

Recognizing one UWEE staff member who consistently exceeds expectations within the EE Department and community in general.

Faculty, Staff, Students
Outstanding Faculty

Recognizing a faculty member who demonstrates a clear commitment to the EE Department and community in general. 

Staff, Students

Past Award Recipients

Executive Committee Only

Review awards nominations and other materials.

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