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Example Course Offering Review and Improvement Report

Course Offering Review and Improvement Report

Date: April 5, 1998

Course: EE 455 Power System Analysis II

Instructor: Christie

Quarter: W98

Avg grade: 3.12

Available assessment material included student course evaluations from three previous offerings. Review of these materials indicated that many of the students had difficulty using the assigned transient stability software. This falls under outcome (k), use of modern engineering tools.

The lecture associated with the transient stability computer homework was upgraded to include an in-class demonstration of the computer tool, with a chance for students to ask questions about its operation.

A guest lecturer from Puget Sound Energy gave one lecture on practical transient stability assessment. In conversation he suggested improving the coverage of time domain stability in the course. The material on theoretical multi-machine stability was a bridged from two hours to one, and the time was spent on time domain analysis, using class notes.

Course evaluations at the end of the course indicated that students were more comfortable with the computer homework, although a number of them still had difficulty with the design part of the problem. More emphasis on design techniques may be warranted. I was able to ask a time domain analysis question on the final. Use of a different stability analysis tool might be beneficial.

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