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New Gift Budget Request and Gift Transmittal

The New Gift Budget Request Form and Gift Transmittal Forms are to be used to establish new budgets and deposit donations and gifts from outside sources.

              ( https://devar.washington.edu/forms/forms.asp)

All checks or funds received must go to the EE Administrator first to determine whether they are grants, scholarships, fellowships, gifts or revenue funds. They must be given to the Fiscal Technician to log-in as per audit requirements. Then the Fiscal Specialist will process as per the Administrator's direction.

  1. EE Fiscal Specialist prepares Request for New Gift Budget Form and/or the Gift Transmittal Form according to the UW rules and regulations.
  2. Funding could be new and recurring:
    • If funding is new both Request for New Gift Budget Form and Gift Transmittal Form (without indication of the budget where donated funds are to be deposited) must be completed.  New Gift Budget Form must have an appropriate faculty or department organization code.
    • If donated funds are to be deposited to the existing budget only Gift Transmittal Form must be completed with indication of the budgets where donated funds are to be deposited
    • Original checks and supporting documentation must be attached to completed form(s).
    • Prepared Request for New Gift Budget and/or Gift Transmittal Form must be authorized and signed by the EE Administrator.
  3. The EE Fiscal Specialist makes copies of completed forms and all supporting documentation, staples them together and files in the file cabinet located in the fiscal area (bottom section).  A copy of the entire package is provided to the appropriate Research Support Personnel.
  4. Requests for new gift budgets and gift transmittal forms are kept in the department files for 2 years after end of biennium.
  5. Completed forms must be sent to the College of Engineering for further processing: Development Coordinator, College of Engineering, Box 352180, 351 Loew Hall.
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