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CTA Central Travel Account

   The Department Central Travel Account (CTA) is a VISA card account used to make travel (airline, bus, rail and SOME lodging) purchases on behalf of the University of Washington for Faculty, Staff and Vistors for Business related activities and events.

   The Department of Electrical Engineering prefers to use the travel agency “TMI”(Travel Meetings & Incentives, INC.) at 206-363-5296.  The contact person is travel agent Jeanne Kick.  jeanne@travelmeet.com


  1. Make travel arrangements through a travel agency or through the airline. The department prefers to use the agency listed above. "TMI" has a toll free number to make travel arrangements is:888-633-5344.
  2. Retain itinerary as a receipt of purchase (which maybe be an e-mail sent to you by the travel agency or can be the web paper sent to you by the airline and/or the hard copy mailed to you) for attachment to the CTA Reconciliation Form. This paperwork must be turned into the Fiscal Technician to reconcile as soon as arrangements are made.
  3. Complete the upper portion of CTA Reconciliation Form with the name of traveler, name of supporting staff, budget number to be charged, amount of purchase + agent fee amount, vendor Name (airline), travel agency used, reason for travel and date of travel.
  4. Attach, by paperclip , the itinerary receipt to the form.
  5. Obtain signature approval for all departmental budgets from the Department Administrator or Chair, and for research budgets from the PI in charge of the budget being used.
  6. Give the form and attached receipts to the EE Fiscal Technician III (helenad@ee.washington.edu) or the Research Support personnel pertaining to the budget being used. All CTA paperwork must go to the Fiscal Technician for the final reconciliation process. The original or a copy depending on the budget number being used will be returned. Paper copies of all travel that occurs on a departmental budget is kept on file in the Main EE Administrative office for an official retention period sent up by the University of Washington.



CTA Reconciliation Form


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