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UW Alternative Toll Services (UWATS)

UWATS service is the primary provider of long distance telephone service to campus departments and offices.

For authorization to use the UWATS long distance service:

  1. Fill out the UWATS form. A form is required to add, delete or change the service of a user.
  2. Obtain the EE Administrator or EE Chair's signature of approval on the form if you are adding deleting or changing phone service and then make a copy for your records if needed.
  3. Give the completed original form to EE Fiscal Technician for further processing.
  4. The EE Main Adminstrative office maintains a record of all U-Watts users.The Fiscal Technician is responsible for updating the master record for all U-Watts users.
  5. Once the UW Computing and Communications department processes the form  a U-watts calling card will be issued to our office if an add user is requested.
  6. C & C sends the department a copy of the original form showing the service requested is complete. The Fiscal Techinican will log in calling numbers associated with the user or any new information concerning the account on the master record and then distribute the calling card to the user.
  7. Paper copies of all forms are kept on file by the Fiscal Technician while the user is active. Deleted users are removed from this file when the C & C process is confirmed done.


EE Depatment fiscal contact person: helenad@ee.washington.edu


EE department UWATS application form


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