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Petty Cash Reimbursement

The Petty Cash account is used for reimbursement of purchases of $200.00 or less. The Electrical Engineering Petty Cash Revolving Account (PCRA) is set up for students, faculty and staff and is used as a last resort for making purchases. If possible use your Pro-Card or have a Faculty member, Research Support Person or a Fiscal Staff person buy what you need with their Pro-Card.

 Use PCRA for items such as:

Ferry ticket books
Food (Must be Pre-Approved by the Budget Authority)
Printing or copying
Research Tools and Supplies

Do not use PCRA for travel related expenses. Transport too and from the airport can be paid with petty cash but you should have approval before doing so.


  1. Make Purchase and retain receipt(s) for attachment to the “Petty Cash Voucher” form.
  2. If you lose your receipt you must complete and perjury statement and have it signed by your professor, advisor or administrator.
  3. Fill out the Petty Cash Voucher form for the purchase COMPLETELY. Print neatly or save the form to your computer and type in all pertinent information which includes:
    • The correct spelling of the person or vendor the check is payable too.
    • The e-mail address and Phone number of the payee.
    • The budget number to be charged. Note: If you don’t know what budget to charge the expense too ask the faculty member, Research Support person, manager or advisor associated with the project, activity, event, or research project.
    • The name of vendor the item was purchased from and the reason or project it was bought for. If it is an event put down the date of the event.
  4. Attach, by paper clip, the purchase receipts to the form. If the receipt(s) are smaller than 81/2 X 11 then tape the receipts too an 81/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Please do not use STAPLES. This inhibits the scanning process.
  5. Obtain Authorize Signature and Date (for Departmental Budgets - Administrator or Chair, for Research budgets - PI of budget or Research Support person).
  6. Place the petty cash voucher and receipt(s)* into the box labeled “Petty Cash” This box is on the student homework and service desk in the EE reception area, or in the Fiscal Technicians In Box. 
  7. Payments may be picked up according to instructions on the email sent to the recipient of payment.







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