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The goal of this Research section is to provide easy access to all of the tools necessary to effectively manage pre-award, award, and post-awards at the University of Washington. Some instructions, tools, and forms are unique to the Department.

Quick Jumps

Researcher's Guide - Grant Life Cycle
UW Research Links

Budget Setup
Budget Reconciliation
Cost Share and Faculty Effort Certifications
Event Coordination
Expenditure Transfers Between Budgets
No-Cost Extension
Proposal Submission

Additional Tools (Links)

Researcher's Guide - Grant Life Cycle

Finding Funding
Proposal Development
Project Start-Up
Award Management
Award Close-Out

UW Research Links

Grant and Contract Accounting
Grant and Contract Receivable Information
Grant Tracker
Status Checker Office of Sponsored Programs
Contact OSP
Facts and Rates

Budget Setup

Authorization of Expenditures Form
Budget File Labels

Budget Projection Worksheets
Style 1
Style 2

Outgoing Subcontracts
OS Purchase Requisition Instructions
OS Modification Request Form
TRANSPASU template

Budget Reconciliation

Budget Activity Reconciliation Process Guidelines
Dummy Document

Internal Sales Documents for Reconciliation
Accounts Paybable Reports (Non-RIPS, invoices, etc)
Chemistry Department
Classroom Support Services (CSS)

Creative Communications
Facilities Services
Fleet Services Account Management (formerly Motor Pool)
Grant and Contract Certification Reports (GCCR)
My Financial Desktop
UWare Invoice Lookup
UW Information Technology (UW-IT) Billing:
      -Long Distance Billing (LDB)
      -Technology Services and Equipment Billing (TSE)

Cost Share and Faculty Effort Certification

Management Accounting and Analysis
Faculty Effort Certification
Reporting Non-FEC Cost Sharing Contributions
Non-FEC Cost Sharing Contribution Spreadsheet
EE Non-FEC Cost Sharing Contribution Spreadsheet
eFECS (Electronic Faculty Effort & Cost Sharing System)
My Faculty List

Event Coordination

Alcohol Permit
Arranged Parking
Conference Room Request

Contract Hotels (Close to UW)
Chambered Nautilus (Non-contract, UW Rates available)
Hotel Deca
Marriott Courtyard Seattle Downtown/Lake Union
Silver Cloud
University Inn

Food Approval for Grant, Contract and Gift Accounts
Shuttle Express
University of Washington Club

Expenditure Transfers between Budgets

Direct and Indirect Costs calculator
GIM 15 Transfer of Expenditures Between Budgets
GCA Deficit Transfer Form
My Financial Desktop


Acquisition of Equipment - Fabrication


Check Request Form (UW 1570/71)
CTA Reconciliation Form
FAX Coversheet
Food Approval Form (UW 1798)
Invoice Voucher Form (UW 1730)
Invoice Voucher (Generic)
No-Cost Extension (Budget Extension Request)
Perjury Statement
Petty Cash Reimbursement Voucher
Purchase Request Form
Procurement Card Application Form
Request for a Reverse Expenditure (UoW 1621)
Research Equipment Insurance System
Subcontract Modification Form (link to OSP site)
TRANSPASU (Transactions Parent/Sub Form)


Equipment Inventory Tag Form
Property Activity Request 1024

No-Cost Extension

No-Cost Extension (All budgets EXCEPT National Science Foundation)


ASE Online Offer Form
Funding Renewal System
Electrical Engineering Graduate Students

Summer Salary
EE Summer Salary Request Form for Chair Approval
COE Online Request Form (cut-and-paste Chair approval)

EE Payroll main page
Academic Salary Minimums
Appointments and Hiring

Job Descriptions
ASE Graduate Student
ASE Undergraduate Student
Permanent Staff
Temporary Staff

Graduate School
TA/RA Salary Schedules
Planning and Budgeting (Tuition Schedules)

Proposal Submission

Budget Template (1-5 Years)
Budget Justification Template
Proposal Checklist Template

Addendum Template

Human Subjects Division

Research Subjects Payments
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Proposal Checklist

National Institutes of Health
PHS 398 (Public Health Service Grant)
NIH Forms & Applications

National Science Foundation
Grant Proposal Guide


Purchase Request Form
Procard Reconciliation Form
PaymentNet Monthly Report Instructions (written)
PaymentNet Monthly Report Instructions (powerpoint)
Procard Log
Purchase Order Log


Equipment Purchases ($2,000+)
M&E Statement
Sole Source Justification
Equipment Inventory Tag
Equipment Insurance

Object Codes for Expenditures
UW Credit Application for Vendors
UWare - Matlab Licensing
W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification


Car Rental (non-mandatory) Contract
Central Travel Account (CTA) Form
Central Travel Account (CTA) - Airfare
Central Travel Account (CTA) - Lodging
Currency Converter (OANDA)

Current Per Diem (Lodging and Meals) Rates
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Foreign Per Diem Rates

Mileage Calculator

State Contract Travel Agencies
Azumano Travel - Internet Provider
TM&I contact: Jeanne Kick, jeanne@travelmeet.com or 206-363-5296

State Contract Airfares

Travel Expense Summary
Travel Expenses Summary (UW Travel Office form)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Heaton)
Travel Reimbursement Form (Stabrovski)

Additional Tools (Links)

Build a Report

Grants Information Memorandum (GIM)
GIM 3 - Benefit Load Rates
GIM 7 - Subcontracts for Research
GIM 13 - Indirect Cost Rates
GIM 14 - Delegation of Authority for Sponsored Projects
GIM 15 - Transfer of Expenditures Between Budgets
GIM 19 - Deadlines for Proposals to Outside Agencies
GIM 21 - Cost Sharing Policy for Sponsored Agreements

MRAM (Monthly Research Administrator Meetings
Office of Management and Budget (OMB Circulars)
State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM)

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