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This section provides research assistants with forms and information to help with their research related activities.


Complete and submit a Purchase Request Form for all research related purchases. Upon submission, the form will be routed to your faculty advisor for approval and to your faculty's support staff for purchase.

On the rare occasion when it is necessary for you to purchase an item, be sure to provide the original receipt(s) to your faculty's research support staff for reimbursement.


If you are planning a research related trip, familiarize yourself with State, University, and Department travel policies and procedures before embarking on your travel (see e-Travel website).

Obtain prior authorization from your faculty advisor before making any travel arrangements. Meet with your faculty's support staff if you have any questions related to your travel.

Check lodging per diem rates before you book your hotel. Actual room rate (plus taxes) is reimbursable if the actual rate is equal to or less than the lodging allowance.

Lodging per diem rate exceptions:

Current Per Diem (Lodging and Meals) Rates

Mileage Calculator
EE Travel Agency:
   Travel, Meetings & Incentives, Inc. (TM&I)
   Contact: Jeanne Kick, Senior Account Manager
   Phone: +1-206-363-5296
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   Email: jeanne@travelmeet.com
Shuttle Express
State Contract Airfares

Travel Reimbursement

Collect original receipts (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, parking, etc.) and submit to your faculty's research staff for reimbursement. Meal receipts are not required; traveler will be paid for meals at the destination per diem rate.

Travel Expense Summary Reports


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