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J. Ted Dibene II

J. Ted Dibene II
Affiliate Associate Professor


J. Ted DiBene II is currently a lead silicon power architect at Intel Corporation in Dupont WA.  His focus is in advanced power delivery and power management for microprocessors and other silicon devices within Intel.  Prior to working at Intel, Dr. DiBene was the Chief Technology Officer at INCEP Technologies a startup in San Diego.  Previous to INCEP he was a system architect at NCR Corporation in San Diego where he focused on advanced signal integrity and power solutions for MPP Server systems. He has been involved in advanced signal integrity and power delivery research for more than 20 years.  Dr. DiBene holds a BSEE from UC Santa Barbara and MSEE and PhD degrees from UC San Diego.  He has numerous awards for his work including three Eureka awards from NCR for innovation. He currently holds 25 patents and has authored more than 40 papers in the area of power, signal integrity, and thermal.

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