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The Capstone Design Project

The capstone design project for EE-436 is proposed by each student group in the second week of the quarter. Each project proposal will be reviewed and feedback provided during the third week. Each student group can then revise their project proposal based on this feedback as well as experience that they have already gained through the starter projects.

The expected result of the capstone design is a fully specified and tested prototype system for making a medical measurement of clinical relevance. The system does not need to be "production ready", but some aspects of manufacturing, deployment, regulatory certification, and cost effectiveness will need to be considered. Several of these aspects will be undertaken as homework problems throughout the quarter.

For the capstone design project, students construct their own system specifications based upon the needs and constraints of an identified medical engineering problem. Here are two templates that are to be used for the prototype demonstration check-out and for the overall capstone design grading:

Capstone Design Check Out

Capstone Design Grading

Both of these are Word.doc documents which can be modified to make them specific to the particular design project. The specifications listed in the check out sheet will be those which are used to grade the performance of the design, so some thought should be given to creating specifications which are challenging, yet achievable, and foremost, measurable in the laboratory. These specifications must be approved by the instructor before they are used to check out the prototype design.

Capstone Design Project for Spring 2014

The Capstone Design Project for Spring 2014 will address the topic of Circulation Measurement and its benefit to cardiovascular disease and emergency care. Below is a set of slides which introduce this topic, the problem, and the assigned design task.

Capstone Design Project for Spring 2014

Once the final project specifications have been submitted, these specifications become frozen for check out demonstration and testing.

Submission Due Dates:

Item Points Due Date
Initial Project Proposal 50 Monday, April 7
Initial Project Specifications 50 Friday, April 11
Engineering Standards Compliance 50 Friday, May 9
Final Project Specifications 100 Friday, May 30 **
Final Project Check Out Demonstration 200 Friday, June 6
Final Design Documentation Package 300 Monday, June 9

** Note the changed due date!

Submit your design documentation as .pdf files to the

Catalyst EE-436 Spring 2014 Dropbox

Scoring for the Final Project Specifications:

(100 points) Overall Score:

  1. (10 points) Competitive Performance (non-trivial)
  2. (10 points) Ranges or Limits for Parameters
  3. (10 points) Testable (performance can be measured in the lab)
  4. (10 points) Signal Specifications (transducer output)
  5. (10 points) Measurement Specifications (clinical applicability)
  6. (10 points) Power Specifications
  7. (10 points) Cost Specifications ($, cost of parts)
  8. (10 points) Safety Specifications
  9. (10 points) Rating Specifications (limits to use)
  10. (10 points) Realistic Constraints (size, weight, usability, human interface, ...)