Medical Instrumentation



The homework assignments are intended to build background in medical instrumentation and also to move each group toward the completion of their capstone design project through the investigation of various physiology, health care, and medical electronics topics. Some of the assignments will be specific to each group's capstone design project and will not have unique solutions. Solutions will be posted for those assignment problems which have generic answers.

These homework assignments will contribute 25% to the final grade. The links for each homework assignment will be live by the Posted date (Wednesdays). One week is given to complete each homework assignment. Homeworks will be due by 5:00pm on the Due date (Wednesdays). The homework average will be computed as the best 8 out of the 9 scores. Thus, one homework can be missed entirely without any penalty.

Homeworks should be submitted electronically to the Catalyst course drop box, see the link below. Please do not submit homeworks by email. Please submit your homework as a single PDF file (if possible) with your name and the assignment number somewhere in the filename, for example: "EE436S14_HW3_Fred_Flintstone.pdf".

Catalyst EE-436 Spring 2014 Dropbox

Late homeworks lose 10 percentage points per day, and no credit is given once the solutions have been posted, approximately one week after their due date.

Homework Solutions Posted Due
Homework 1 HW1 Solutions W, Apr. 2 W, Apr. 9
Homework 2 HW2 Solutions W, Apr. 9 W, Apr. 16
Homework 3   W, Apr. 16 W, Apr. 23
Homework 4 HW4 Solutions W, Apr. 23 W, Apr. 30
Homework 5 HW5 Solutions ** W, Apr. 30 W, May 7
Homework 6 HW6 Solutions W, May 7 W, May 14
Homework 7 HW7 Solutions W, May 14 W, May 21
Homework 8 HW8 Solutions W, May 21 W, May 28
Homework 9 HW9 Solutions W, May 28 W, June 4


ANSI/AAMI (IEC) 60601-1:2005 Requirements Document

IEC 60825-1:1993 Requirements Document

** Example Bill of Materials for HW5 Problem 4-5. This can also be used as a template for the design project documentation.