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Starter Labs

These starter laboratory projects are designed to provide a self-paced introduction into a variety of medical instrumentation areas. Each of these develops a basic instrumentation capability for a specific area of human physiology. While an overall block diagram is provided, each requires the design of specific circuit blocks to achieve the overall specifications. Each of these could be used as a core module for the larger capstone design project, but none of these should be considered as being equivalent to the capstone design project itself. The capstone design project must necessarily extend well beyond the reach of these starter labs.

There are four options available (A-D), and each of these consists of two linked laboratory projects (1 & 2). In each case Laboratory 2 builds upon the more basic system that is developed for Laboratory 1. The effort spent on these two laboratories is intended to provide a jump start on the capstone design project. Investigating one or more of these starter labs will provide some good experience and feedback on the difficulty of various approaches and reasonable specifications for the final capstone design project.

None of these laboratory projects are to be handed in for grading. Only the final capstone design project counts toward the course grade. The CheckOut Sheet and Grading Sheet are included for each of these starter labs to give an idea of how these should be put together and formatted for the capstone design project. They also include some challenging, yet realistic, specifications for each of these projects. It is expected that the specifications that are developed for the capstone design project will also be both challenging and realistic.

Option A: Electrophysiology

Laboratory 1A: Design of an ECG Preamplifier
Laboratory 1A CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 1A Grading Sheet

Laboratory 2A: Design of an ECG Recording System
Laboratory 2A CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 2A Grading Sheet

Option B: Circulation

Laboratory 1B: Design of an Optical Heart Rate Monitor
Laboratory 1B CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 1B Grading Sheet

Laboratory 2B: Design of a Pulse Oximeter
Laboratory 2B CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 2B Grading Sheet

Option C: Respiration

Laboratory 1C: Design of a Differential Pressure Pneumotachometer
Laboratory 1C CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 1C Grading Sheet

Laboratory 2C: Design of a Respiratory Capnometer
Laboratory 2C CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 2C Grading Sheet

Option D: Metabolism

Laboratory 1D: Design of a Limb Motion Accelerometer
Laboratory 1D CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 1D Grading Sheet

Laboratory 2D: Design of a Muscle Dynamics Tonometer
Laboratory 2D CheckOut Sheet
Laboratory 2D Grading Sheet