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Parts for Prototyping

Here are a few data sheets for some of the more common opamps and comparators, as well as a few specific sensors which might be used in the design projects: 

National Semiconductor LM324 and ST Microelectronics LM324 quad low power opamp

National Semiconductor LM339 and ST Microelectronics LM339 quad low power comparator

MAXIM OP27 and Linear Technology OP27 low noise opamp

Texas Instruments NE5534 low noise opamp

Fairchild MV5754A 635 nm high efficiency red LED

Fairchild QED234 940 nm infrared LED

Optek OP906 silicon PIN photodiode

Motorola MPX2010DP 1.45 psi differential pressure sensor

Fuji-Piezo SPS512TA pyroelectric photodetector with CO2 filter

International Light Technology 4115-2A visible-infrared lamp

Analog Devices ADXL335 (analog output) and ADXL345 (digital output) 3-axis, +/-3 g, integrated accelerometers

Tekscan FlexiForce A201 piezoresistive force sensor